‘7 Things’ About Tonight’s Miley Cyrus Concert

7 Things About Miley Cyrus in Wells Fargo ArenaThe Miley Cyrus Tour stops off tonight at The Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines.

To ‘celebrate’ the fact she is stopping off at the venue, the promoter has sent out an email to press labelled “7 Things You Need to Know About Tonights Miley Cyrus Concert” – in honour of her smash hit, 7 Things.

One extra tip if you will be visiting the Wonder World Tour at The Wells Fargo Arena, its been predicted temperatures might reach freezing and could snow tonight, so be sure to bundle up!!!


7 Things About Tonights Miley Cyrus Concert

  • Doors open at 5pm. The concert will start at 7pm at Wells Fargo Arena
  • Bring the credit card used to purchase your tickets along with your matching government issued photo ID
  • All members of your party must be present at the same time in order to gain admittance into Wells Fargo Arena
  • The ticket usher will swipe your credit card upon entry and present each person in your party with a locator slip to allow for quick access to your seats
  • Parking is available at the venue for $6 and is located on the north side of Wells Fargo Arena
  • Principal River’s Edge Restaurant inside Wells Fargo Arena will open at 4:30pm. Principal River’s Edge is located on the third floor of the arena on the south side and is a casual, sit-down restaurant for your party to enjoy
  • Lastly, have FUN, SING along, and DANCE to your favourite Miley Cyrus Songs!

Miley Cyrus – 7 Things

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6 Thoughts to “‘7 Things’ About Tonight’s Miley Cyrus Concert”

  1. Emily

    My favorite Miley song is when i look at you. the best love it. i almost cried when she sang it at her concert. I love miley she is so awesome!!!!

  2. @Kingsmanward

    I'm 100% with you there Emily. When i look at you is a beautiful song. No other word to describe it. Its by far Mileys greatest song.

  3. Nadia ;]

    I honestly love Miley, she inspires me so much.
    She has such a unique style, she's not afraid to be herself, that's what I admire
    and her singing voice is amazing, who knew a 16 year old can be so talented?
    the show hannah montana is so funny, and the plots are amazing.
    and her voice in general is so pretty, i wish i can have a voice like hers!

    She's so down to earth and generous, she seems so sweet,
    I love her so much, she's my role model as well as my idol <3

  4. @Kingsmanward

    I think everything Nadia has said there is 100% correct, and i think its the fact that she has millions of loyal fans all over the world that think the world of her that she is so down-to-earth and and is not afraid of how people see her.

  5. krista

    Can anyone tell me what kinds of things they sell at the concert? My daughter is going down to the states to see her this week and I want to be sure she has enough money for a shirt and other things. Any ideas as well as pricing

  6. Bradley Lawnicki

    I am not sure why the critics don’t love miley’s latest song – I think it is great.

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