1980’s Heartthrob to Play Miley Cyrus’ Mom in French Remake

Demi Moore, who raised to prominence in the 1980s with coming-of age movies like Saint Elmo’s fire and Blame it on Rio will be playing mom to pop-sensation Miley Cyrus in a French remake of the film LOL.  The abbreviation of “Laugh out Loud” used in chat rooms may be inaccurate as the film deals with an about to be divorced mother and a daughter who gets dumped by her boyfriend. 

Being one of the most sought after veteran actresses in tinseltown, Demi Moore will no doubt have a pulling factor for the film. But what does she say of her co-star Miley?

Demi is quoted saying Miley is “a true professional” and has qualities that show she comes from a “truly wonderful family.” These qualities according to Demi makes her look forward to working with Miley, who also views her younger co-star as being “incredibly grounded” and just simply “great”. Perhaps it will also be nice to ask Miley what she thinks of Demi playing her mom.

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  1. Anglic Butterfly

    I knew you’d be destined to far, Keep up the good work Miley, you’re the best, and awesome.;)

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