Behind the Scenes at Miley Cyrus Tour with Noah Cyrus

noah cyrus and emily grace reavesMiley Cyrus is currently working hard on the Miley Cyrus Tour, which is touring the world as we speak.

What we get to see lots of with Miley Cyrus is the on-stage, in-front of the camera stuff, what we do not see enough of is the behind-the-scenes photos, videos and gossip etc, but Miley’s younger sister and her friend are working hard to change all that.

Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves brought ‘The Noie & Ems Show‘ to Portland on the opening night of Miley’s Wonder World Tour, and managed to grab a chat with with 16-year-old popstar before the concert.

Checkout the video below.

The Noie & Ems Show

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2 Thoughts to “Behind the Scenes at Miley Cyrus Tour with Noah Cyrus”

  1. Andrew Macdonald

    How cute is Noah Cyrus? She looks well excited, bouncing around in that video.

  2. nz

    luv mileys outfit in that vid!!!!!!!!!!

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