Billy Ray Cyrus on Miley’s Dating: ‘I Just Go With The Flow’

Country singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus commented on Miley Cyrus’ dating while he appeared on the Today Show to talk about his next movie, Christmas in Canaan.

When asked by the hosts about his daughters highly publicized romantic life, and speculations about her sex life, Billy Ray Cyrus seemed unfazed by the questions.

He told them: “To be honest, I just go with the flow. Whatever’s meant to be, Miley’s got a good head on her shoulders. She’s got a lot of good friends; that’s most important. I think she’s got people around her that she can trust. It’s important to have friends in life – boys and girls.

Before he left the Today Show, he made sure he plugged his new film, which tells the story of a ‘redneck’ in 1964, whose son gets in a fight with a black boy. Billy Ray says it’s the most important film he’s ever been in, and called it “a social statement about our past, present and future.” It’s based on the Kenny Rogers book by the same name, and will premiere on the Hallmark Channel on December 12th 2009.

Billy Ray Cyrus on The Today Show, 2009

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