Breaking News: Soldier Arrested Threatening to Kill Miley Cyrus

Sean Christian Mathis - Miley Cyrus MurderBreaking news, a soldier has allegedly threatened to kill Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus.

As we pointed out yesterday, while Miley Cyrus was filming The Last Song on Tybee Island, a man by the name of Mark McLeod was arrested on suspicion of stalking Cyrus. But information that police didn’t reveal at the time, was a second man was also arrested at the set in Georgia, who allegedly threatened to murder the young actress.

Sean Christian Mathis allegedly turned up to Miley’s movie set in June wearing a t-shirt and swimming trunk, saw the Miley Cyrus stunt double and shouted: “Hey, it’s Miley Cyrus, I’m going to fucking kill you.

According to the police report, an officer ran down and immediately arrested Sean Christian Mathis for making “terroristic threats” and disorderly conduct.

During the time of arrest, the officer said Mathis informed them he was a soldier – so cops were forced to call in the military police.

Yesterday the military officials announced they will proceed with the case.

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20 Thoughts to “Breaking News: Soldier Arrested Threatening to Kill Miley Cyrus”

  1. leisha

    hmm and too right hes been arrested you rock miley 🙂

  2. .:selenamia:.

    Hah! thank god that man was caught.. if miley dies.. what should we do? sitting infront of her grave crying? puh-leaze! (sorry for my bad english!)

  3. @JCF22Lyoko

    Arrest that guy! How could he kill Miley?!!?!?! And please fix the Connect with Facebook it has an invalid argument error.

  4. sunnykhan

    luv u moley

  5. sunnykhan

    luv u miley

  6. @Kingsmanward

    One word – Americans

  7. Brittany Potter

    Serves him right! if he has daughters, they probably hate him! doesn't he care about kids? apparently not!

  8. bob dole

    miley thinks she's rock, she fails

  9. bob dole

    worst musician EVER
    lets start shredding *power chord*

  10. bob dole

    ROFL fail

  11. bob dole

    how couldnt he kill miley

  12. bob dole

    good on yah,
    she thinks that she knows rock n roll but she's the biggest musical fail since serialistic music
    *sorry about technical shit like serialistic music* youtube it, it sucks

  13. anna

    how could you do that how could you even say that she is lovely i would cry if she died let alone murdered x i love you miley x

  14. u know what i want to do,i want 2 kill him thats what i want to do!!!!!!!!!!
    luv u miley cyrus <3<3<3<3

  15. i would cry 4 yrs if miley dies she is my role model

  16. Female Hustla


    love ya milez (:

  17. Phillipe

    Curious that a person can’t posibly have personal problems and get stupid. Just so all of you know mathis is Normaly a great guy. like ALL OF US people in the world he has bad days and does stupid stuff. now how much better are you than him to say hey he did this he is such a bad person, or i hate him. You don’t even know him so go away and shut up.

  18. Phillipe

    obviously he was arrested… wow genius.

  19. Phillipe

    wow as if letting your kids watch a teen age rich girl sing a song really means you love them. as far as you know all he wanted was an autograph. wow you peoples are stupid.

  20. dez

    to bad he didnt follow through with those threats……….

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