Can you believe what miley cyrus said at the kids choice awards?

Question by Katie R: Can you believe what miley cyrus said at the kids choice awards?
My younger siblings were watching “Nickelodeons kids choice awards” and I saw Miley Cyrus winning an award for “best female singer”. It killed me how she kept rambling on, saying:
“I don’t even know why I’m crying” and “I thought that I was going to lose” and “It might not be the oscars, but I won and award!”

I didn’t care for her little speech. It made me feel like she wanted to be “the center of attention”

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Answer by ????ìc?? ??? ? ?s™
wow…she would do that.

????ìc?? ??? ? ?s™

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11 Thoughts to “Can you believe what miley cyrus said at the kids choice awards?”

  1. Spongebob Squarepants

    I know, how rude! Just be happy you won the award, you freakin hillbilly! Man, she’s stupid.

  2. Isis The Great(No. 5 & counting)

    wait? she won best female singer?

    dumb kids

  3. GET LOW!

    She was fake crying and everyone knows that! She didn’t deserve to win best female singer! She always wants to be the center of attention anyway!


    I know, right?! I was watching the Kids Choice Awards with my younger cousin, and when Miley won, I was like, “What in the world is she talking about?!” She went on and on and on…. gahh!

  5. Brigiotto™ (backup)

    She said shut up like five times….that’s not very nice….she won one before, why didn’t she cry then? Nice going, children of America.

  6. A Person

    i laughed

  7. James B


  8. Tim

    oh yeah i can believe it alright

  9. PrinceJDrakeshoney

    ok just to clarify I do NOT like Miley
    she was going through a lot. of course she thought she was going to lose. I mean look at all these scandals she has had to endure. she probably thought that everyone had turned on her and so she was obviously really happy that she won. fans stuck by her and that makes it even more special to her, to know that they really care about her.
    plus she lost four awards before that. after losing that many times, its emotional when you finally win.

    I think people are being too hard on her. I used to hate on her believe me but then I got tired of it. she’s only 16. at that age she still has a lot to learn.
    she’s not that bad.. sure she’s not the greatest person but it is not like she is Satan

  10. mooneywalker

    i don’t think it was fake an irdk if it was.

  11. ?brown eyed girl?

    why did they have to give her the satisfaction of winning best female singer??? she CAN’T SING!!!!

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