Charlie Sheen Loves Miley Cyrus’s New Haircut And He Is Inviting Her To His House

Miley Cyrus Charlie SheenFirst it was Ellen DeGeneres, who tried out Miley Cyrus’s new pixie haircut in a photoshopped image, then it was
Paris Jackson, and now it’s Charlie Sheen.  Oh…We forgot to include Liam Hemsworth, her future hubby who said it looks fantastic and great on her.

In fact, the star ‘Two and a Half Men’ star and the recent FX’s ‘Anger Management’ liked her new short pixie cut so much that he went to Twitter and invited her over to his house when Cyrus called him ‘the bomb’.

Earlier on Thursday Cyrus tweeted, “?@charliesheen IS THE [bomb icon].”
Sheen, 46, tweeted back, “Idk, w/ that new haircut Miles…You’re the [bomb icon], Come watch the show at my place! xo c RT ?@MileyCyrus ?@charliesheen IS THE [bomb icon].”

The tweets were deleted, but this isn’t the first time the duo exchanged tweets among themselves.

When Cyrus returned to Twitter after a hiatus of 17 months, she tweeted the she returned for two things, her fans and to follow Charlie Sheen.
In reply, Sheen welcomed her by saying she was epic and thanked for her love.

Seems likes they are still BFF’s on Twitter.

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