CNN Named Miley One of the Year’s Most Provocative Celebs

Miley Cyrus  attempt to wipe her squeaky clean image and innocent girl persona may have finally paid off, as CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” named the teen star as one of the year’s most provocative celebrities.

Keen on being taken more seriously, Miley’s first grown-up album, “Can’t Be Tamed”, seen the star shed her Disney star image as she wore skimpy clothes and tight leathers for the album’s first single. However, her transformation didn’t quite catch on with the public – especially her teen fans – since the album has sold poorly compared to her previous efforts.

At least Miley Cyrus has something to brag about now as she shares the nominations with some big ‘provocateurs’ in the entertainment industry. It goes without saying that Lady Gaga receives the top honor, while other nominees of the most provocative celebrities include the perennially ‘messed-up’ Lindsay Lohan, wife-beating Mel Gibson, and drug-addict Charlie Seen — allegedly.

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