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  1. Maria White


    I hope this email you find’s you well. I am contacting you on behalf of Disney, with regards to a brand new online game that has just been launched; Superbia.

    We would love to send you Superbia’s press release, so you can read all about it and how it works. I’d love to know what you think of it. We also would be delighted if you could introduce the launch of Superbia to your readers and maybe do a cover story on Miley Cyrus Online if this is possible.

    I came across Miley Cyrus Online in the search for sites, and blogs that potential lovers of the game would interact with. Therefore I think and hope that your readers would be very interested in the games launch and could provide you with some great content to share with your audience.

    For your convenience, we would also like to send you some images of the game that you will be free to use. Please note, however, that if you are to crop these images, the resultant image must still contain the Disney copyright logo.

    Unfortunately we could not attach the press release and the images via contact form. I was wondering if you could email us back so then we send you the images and press release.

    Looking forwards to hear from you,
    Maria White at Epiphany Solutions (Disney UK representatives)


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