Does Miley Cyrus really have nude pictures of herself on the internet?

Question by Sunille Roxx: Does Miley Cyrus really have nude pictures of herself on the internet?
I heard from one of my friends today that there are nude pictures of Miley Cyrus on the net, and they’re recent, and i’m really surprised, but is it just a rumor or do they really exist?

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Answer by ???a????
No, there are no nude pictures of Miley on the internet

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15 Thoughts to “Does Miley Cyrus really have nude pictures of herself on the internet?”

  1. MeetingJONASon8/23/09!!!!!

    i dont know about the recent ones but the old ones arent completley nude

  2. Tom J

    She’s a minor. It’s illegal to even have them on your computer.

  3. alexandrajh11

    idk. she had some pics of her almost nude not completely nude. i dont know about any recent pics.

  4. Venom

    there are sites with nude pictures of her i will not post them, it comes to no surprise because most “stars” go that way at least once in their carrier, im sure she regrets it but if she is a money loving and cares about nothing else it was probably not her first time so don’t even bother fretting over it you would be wasting your time

  5. he_is_my_jasper

    according to AOL News Stories I read a while back, there are racy pictures of her on the internet. Not nude (as far as I know), but racy.

  6. Ms. SmartyP.

    No, there aren’t any NUDE pictures of Miley, she always has something covering her up!

  7. Russel L

    Yeah There are but no one wants to post them because she is a minor. I think she is purposely taking nude photos of her self because she knows no one will get to see them. Its a shame. Celebrities in the past claim their computers were hacked,the pics were stolen,etc. The truth is most celebrities leak the photos themselves. The government shouldn’t protect her minor or not she’s a famous well known celebrity if she wants to take pics of her self let the whole world see instead of abusing the law and hiding them. I hope she realizes that in a year and a few months the law won’t protect her anymore. Any pics she takes after that are gonna be on the internet faster than she can think.

  8. Kelly(:

    you cant always believe what you hear
    if she does or doesnt why is it anyones business other than hers?

  9. Jazz

    yeah there are but not completely nude. like there’s one she’s holding a towel. and one more where where is removing her shirt(nt completely)



  11. Tori I


    People like to exaggerate.
    There is one picture with a girl who looks almost like miley showing her boobs but that’s not Miley.

  12. Lovemagnet

    Some people must not understand what nude is.
    The pictures that miley cyrus had was not showing her private parts.
    First of all those pictures of miley cyrus was not meant for the world.
    Those pictures were personal and someone hacked her phone. I mean miley cyrus didnt sign on to be a role model she signed on to be a Actress/Singer.

    I mean C’mon everytime you people ask these questions, Miley cyrus haters come in and start bashing her calling her names, and saying lots of rude stuff about her. I mean I’m getting pissed with all these miley haters. Miley is focusing on her life and trying to ignore them dumb haters. Miley is trying to be a role model. Miley cyrus is not going to go on myspace and put on some school pictures. Shes not 12. I’m not mad at those pictures because she didnt purposly put it on there. So I love miley

  13. Awesome


  14. :D

    Hell yeah there are! Woo hoo! Gotta love the web…

  15. Saskia

    Yes, there were some nude pictures of Miley Cyrus online but that was only because some hacked into her gmail and put them online but they have now been all blocked

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