Evan Rachel Wood Blasted For Calling Miley Cyrus “Gay” On Twitter

Ellen DeGeneres Likes it. So does Paris Jackson and Liam Hemsworth. Charlie Sheen loves it so much he even invited her over.

But Evan Rachel Wood didn’t like and can’t help to keep it to herself. Wood, 24, called Miley Cyrus “Gay” as she got the short pixie haircut. She wrote on Twitter, “I called it! Miley Cyrus is leaning toward gay.”

The former Disney star’s beloved fans didn’t like and blasted her for the comment and apparently, Wood had the tweet deleted with an explanation.

Wood eventually said that it was joke and she like the idea of being stereotyped just because the way they look or associate someone’s sexuality with their haircut. Wood also confessed that she is bisexual and don’t want people to hate her for what she said.

Cyrus, who is obsessed with her new hairstyle, didn’t seem bothered by Wood’s joke and besides saying the Wood explanation, “well said” she also offered her friendship by tweeting, “Let’s be friends.”
Wood didn’t hesitate and accepted her offer and tweeted back, Now @Mileycyrus and i are friends. Let this be a lesson to all of you 😉

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