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5 Thoughts to “Even Billy Ray Wants Miley Cyrus To Come Back To Twitter”

  1. SmileyRock0

    I want Miley back! Twitter is nothing without Miley 🙁
    Yeah, I think Liam was sick of everyone twisting Miley’s love tweets which made everyone think that she’s tweeting about Liam. But maybe Miley got mad and said it? I don’t know. I just want her back!

  2. Ryan

    Yeah, i think he did. But i understand why he would want it. Alot of people used what Miley said on Twitter to Assume things about her personal life. Any lad with a girlfriend out there will tell you that they will do everything possible to protect their girlfriend. And i know that i wouldn’t want people reading what my girlfriend says on twitter then broadcasting it on the internet to the rest of the world.

  3. Brittany

    She needs to come back. The only reason I joined was so I could get tweets from her and know her and her side of the story better. I hope she doesn’t let Liam control parts of her life like she did Nick. She got highlights b/c Nick told her to and now she quit twitter b/c Liam told her too. I think its weird how she just up and quit when I just read an interview in the paper where she said she loved twitter and reading how her songs inspire someone. Something isn’t right here

  4. Ryan

    I agree with Brittany that he may have pressured her into it, but as i said above and i believe Miley herself said just before deleting her account, he’s got enough reason to

  5. No name

    look, I think that Liam Hemsworth doesn't have the why, for to quit the Miley's twitter, ok that they are dating, but dude, not quit Miley's twitter, because I was put at twitter for Miley, and I wanna that Miley come back soon at twitter, I can't to quit of my head, IS THE BEST, lol, well, I hope that., bye :P.

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