Family Guy Kills Off Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus on Family GuyThe writers who produce content for the hugely successful animated series, Family Guy want to rid the world of Miley Cyrus, it was revealed today.

During Sunday Nights episode, Stewie Griffin fakes cancer to meet Hannah Montana, and winds up finding out that she’s an android. In complete ‘King Kong’ style, Cyrus winds up terrorizing the city, scaling buildings and eventually gets killed off in a final stand-off.

In the final moments of the show, the programs ‘Evil Monkey’ character tries to stop Miley Cyrus from destroying the Family Guy city.

Miss Cyrus, I ask you to stop what you’re doing, and I don’t just mean this, I mean everything. The show. The music. It’s all just awful.

So what do you think guys? A world without Miley Cyrus. How does that sound?

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4 Thoughts to “Family Guy Kills Off Miley Cyrus”

  1. @JCF22Lyoko

    No. A world without Miley is like something i can't live with.

  2. Gabriella Alexandra

    This is really quite unfair, Miley is a huge inspiaration and role model of mine and I think she is just damn right amazing. Fair enough, this may be seen as comical to some, but imagine if it was you who was being told what you love to do is ‘awful’. I just hope Miley sees the comical side to this. And a world without Miley? I wouldn’t be able to live. I absolutely adore her <3 🙂

  3. Gabriella Alexandra

    This is very unfair towards Miley, just imagine if what you loved to do was now being branded as 'awful' and told to stop it. You'd be devastated right? Fair enough, this will been comical to many people, including fans but I just hope Miley sees the funny side too. Miley is one of my all time inspirations and role models, I absolutely love her. She works really hard to get where she is right now, and she should deffinately NOT stop because she is deffinately NOT awful! I love her so much 🙂 A world without her isn't a world worth having. <3

  4. Poopsy

    i dont think it really matters, hope miley cyrus has seen this episode!
    also she cant sue them becuse its only a caricature of her

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