Friends and Mother High on Miley Cyrus List

Her mum and dad may have filed for a divorce, after 18 years of marriage, but it doesn’t stop Miley and her mother from spending some quality time together. The 18-year old Disney star pampered herself and mum at a nearby spa in their Toluca Lake home town in California.

According to a source, the mum and daughter enjoyed the pedicures provided at the spa and had a relaxing time together. “They were both in a great mood,” the source revealed. Miley apparently left quite a big tip — indicative of her happy mood.

To close the day, Miley then took her mom for some retail therapy and spent the afternoon with her BFFs. The starlet was spotted with her friends eating out in the local Panera Bread restaurant in Studio City.

Seems like a regular Sunday for a not-so-regular teenager.

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