From Disney to Playboy Miley Cyrus All Grown Up

If you bought Miley’s latest album, you know that she’s trying hard to shed off the innocent southern-girl persona. Now, what better way to show to the world that certain parts of your body have developed by posing for Playboy?

As the teen star reached the ripe age of 18, which she celebrated just yesterday, boys and men of the world await with baited breath as to when those nipslips and upskirts photos will emerge – especially now that she’s of the legal age. However, there might be a better proposal coming from the bunny kingdom.

Speaking to Fox News, Hugh Heffner, the man that every other men envy, talked about the possibility of inviting Miley Cyrus to pose for the racy magazine. According to Hugh, Miley is the one that readers would definitely love to see make an appearance on his magazine.

Guess now the ball is in Miley’s court – whether or not she wants to take on Hugh’s offers.

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