Gwen Stefani Talks About Miley Cyrus New Music

It’s been less than a week since Gwen Stefani, frontwoman of her band “No Doubt” released their sixth album, and she has been called for a conversation at radio show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”.

At the radio show, Stefani chatted about Miley Cyrus with the host of the “American Idol” when she met her at iHeartRadio Music Festival last weekend.
Talking about her excitement that Cyrus will release a new album soon, Stefani said, she loves Miley. She was so cool and hot and asked as whether she making a ridiculously good album and she better be.
Stefani also told she is very excited about what Miley comes up with.

Commenting on the Flavor Flav mixing her up with “Hannah Montana” star at the festival, the 42-year-old singer said, Flavor Flav grab her at the festival and said that he was very embarrassed for the mix-up as he thought she was someone else.
However, Flav knocked off the incident with “it’s cool” and took a picture with her, Stefani added.

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