Is Miley Cyrus Close to a Breakdown?

From celebrating her 18th birthday, taking her mum on a retail therapy and to making out with her Ex — it’s easy to assume that Miley Cyrus has handled the divorce of her parents quite well. However, close friends of hers tell a different story. In fact, they fear that Miley is close to a breakdown.
According to an insider, Miley has been putting a brave face since the news broke — but the truth is she is devastated and that her heart is broken. Apparently, Miley has been acting out in front of the camera. 
One friend said that Miley is trying her hardest to put on a happy face. But at the end of the day, she’s just a teenager — albeit one whose moves are constantly scrutinized by the press. She especially hates it when the media is trying to make something out of nothing, such as when she went out with her mother and they made a big deal about it due to the obvious absence of her dad.
Here’s hoping that Miley Cyrus will not go down the breakdown route a la Demi Lovato or even scarier — Lindsay Lohan

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