Is Miley Cyrus Dating Avan Jogia?

Pop star Miley Cyrus may have finally made it official that she’s dating Canadian actor Avan Jogia. The star, according to reports, has introduced the Indian origin actor to her family during her 18th birthday celebration. Avan Jogia is a young and upcoming actor who has made several appearances on Nickelodeon shows.

Photographs showing the new couple making out have even surface. In one picture, Miley was photographed at Trousdale, a Hollywood club, with her apparently official boyfriend kissing her. It’s anything but Disney-esque, as the teen star sport tight black leather trousers, high-heeled boots and a leather bra top.

The relationship may have blossomed  ever since the young couple attended a Halloween party. Prior to that — they were also photographed having lunch together. Miley and her previous boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, who starred opposite her in the film Last Song, broke up a couple of months ago after dating for over a year.

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  1. caitlyn

    miley cyrus is the best but she keeps secret affers from her other boyfriends she has so it needs to STOP miley

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