Is Miley Cyrus Feeling Jealous of Emma Roberts?

Miley Cyrus Emma RobertsMiley Cyrus, 19, hasn’t yet even tied the knot, but that isn’t able to stop Miley from feeling insecure as well as jealous too, as reports say. To say the least Miley and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth have jobs that require them be intimate or flirt and share kisses with other people. Now, Liam is in that kind of situation with Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts and Miley isn’t smiling.

A source stated that, Miley don’t want Liam to socialize with Emma. She thinks Emma is a bad news knowing that she’s a loose cannon. Miley even went to confront Emma telling her that Liam is her man and so she had to stop this.

Emma doesn’t care that much about Miley saying her tween star and washed up. Emma thinks she’s got nothing to lose and going to go out with Liam as far as she can. And it seems Liam is enjoying it definitely.

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Emma is currently dating American Horror Story’s Evan Peters, so even if Emma is trying to get Liam it won’t be working for now. Quite contrary to the claims that Emma Roberts appeared on the movie set, “single and ready to mingle.”

In an interesting twist, Emma Roberts is a blond girl and Miley also recently went blonde all over. There seems to be a connection here. Are Miley’s insecure feelings about Emma bringing the best out of her?

We don’t know.

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