Is Miley Cyrus Planning a World Tour in 2013?

Miley Cyrus remained pretty mum on her forthcoming album, and so far only has released acoustic cover versions of the songs. So, fans have started asking questions about Miley’s next album and obviously her tours.

Good news, that her parents are very willing to talk about their daughters upcoming plans and this time we got her mother, Tish Cyrus. Tish Cyrus hinted out that Miley will possibly go for a world tour in 2013, which she said they are still figuring it out now. Tish also said that work on Miley’s new album is going on and this album is going to the one she always dreamt of.

Regarding the world tour, Tish Cyrus released the following statement:
“So, everyone is asking about Miley touring and where the tour will take place? Right now she is focused on finishing up this album and making music she has always dreamed of making! She is having so much fun working with such amazing writers and producers! We are in the beginning stages of working out all the details for her next tour! She is so excited, not only to go back to all the amazing places we’ve been, but also, to play in areas of the world she has never had a chance to play before! I am so excited for her to get back out on the road and do what she loves most!”

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