Is Miley Cyrus too thin?

miley-cyrus-too-thinIs Miley Cyrus much thinner than her days as Hannah Montana?

This follows as the “Can’t Be Tamed” hitmaker posted a picture on Twitter on Thursday, Jan. 24, looking shockingly thin and smaller. Is she eating healthy or just quit eating altogether? Is she focusing too much on her figure or too much on her diet?

Well it could be Miley, 20, wanted to look perfect on her bikini while vacationing with her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, 23, in Costa Rica or it could be that she got stressed at the death of the beloved pup, Lila.

Well, she did tweeted many times before that she’s sensitive to gluten and she never eats pizza as it’s “glutenized” and it make her feel sick. Experts, however, are worried about her health and extreme diet routines in the past.

Lynn Grefe, CEO and President of the National Eating Disorders Association told that Miley may be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OSD) as she’s focusing too much on her food.

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3 Thoughts to “Is Miley Cyrus too thin?”

  1. amanda

    I’m trying to remember, but she’s always been that size. I think her cheeks thinned out as she got older and it adds to the gaunt apperance?

    I’m a fan, will always be a fan and I think she’s lovely..

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