It’s Cool To Not Wear A Bra Or Underwear, Says Miley Cyrus, Reveals Sources

So what Miley Cyrus is an exhibitionist, people say. She is flashing her butt cheeks and other unmentionable parts of her hot body. So what does her pals say about this?
They say they are totally okay with that!
One of her friend’s said that, Miley has been dressing like that long enough and they are all used to it. She is confident with herself and body and wants to rub that in all of us.
Another source reveals that, the singer likes that carefree southern lifestyle. Most of her friends love to wear daisy dukes as well. Moreover she likes to go out without putting on bra or underwear or we can say here she like to be “go commando’’. Miley thinks it’s cool.
So what have learnt her? Her dear friends don’t give a damn about how her superstar friend dresses.

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