Liam And Miley Getting Married…Not This Weekend

Its true eventually Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus will get married, but not this weekend, that is June 30- July 1, according to some rumors. Liam’s representatives have also officially denied that the The Hunger Games star will get married to former Disney star Miley Cyrus. The Hannah Montana star Miley got engaged to the Aussie hunk Liam earlier this month.
The rumors started swirling when Miley tweeted that, she can’t wait for next week and it will be filled with happiness. This spread the rumors that the couples will be heading to the wedding aisle next week.
Since then Liam’s reps have thrashed the speculation, informing that the actor is way too busy to exchange vows in LA with Miley as he is currently shooting his newest film Empire State in New Orleans in Louisiana.
According to Liam’s spokesperson, the actor will be in LA next week only for a night on the 27th as he is been awarded from Australians in Film, dismissing claims.

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