Liam Hemsworth threatens to Postpone Wedding If Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Gain Weight

Seems like Liam Hemsworth is a lot worried about the health his future wife Miley Cyrus’s health after all. The couple got engaged with a 3.5 carat diamond ring made by Jeweler Neil Lane on May 31.
The Hunger Games actor even went to threatened to postpone the wedding if Miley doesn’t throw her weight loss program and go and gain some pounds. It’s noted that Liam is so fed up with her dramatic weight loss and extreme diet routine which consist of only 500 calories per day. Besides that she works out three hours straight every single day.

Sources said that, this nonsense started when Miley become worried Liam will fall for Jennifer Laurence who co-starred with Liam in The Hunger Games. So the only way for her to keep Liam her is be in the best body of her life.

But, we found out that Liam likes to have a little meat on Miley’s body.

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