Liam Hemsworth’s Mother Become’s Miley Cyrus’ Personal Rally Driver

Unless you have been in a coma for the last 48 hours, I’m sure you would have heard that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are officially an item, after the pair were spotted on a romantic holiday break in Australia this week.

The pair were photographed for the first time where they werent actually posing for anything. They were just two young people, who looked head-over-heals in love with each other, as they held hands and smooched while on Phillip Island, Australia.

But the mother of Hemsworth, Leonie Hemsworth turned into Miley Cyrus’ personal rally driver yesterday after Miley’s time in Australia was up. Leonie was tasked with transporting Cyrus back to the airport, while being chased by paparazzi on bikes and in cars.

Leonie Hemsworth did her best to keep the attention away from the young singing sensation but there were just too many fans and paparazzi chasing them on the two-hour drive to the airport. Sources say the mother of three did her best behind the wheel to keep their admirers at bay.

Despite the low-key visit to Australia to meet the in-laws, Cyrus was deluged upon arrival at the airport at 9am by picture and autograph-hungry fans. But the 17-year-old singer, fresh off her gruelling Wonder World Tour refused to sign autographs and smile, something she did throughout her entire stay on Phillip Island.

Travelling without her usual supply of bodyguards, which is very unusual for the Hollywood star, Miley was given a police escort through the terminal while onlookers said she was also greenlighted through customs checks. Her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth also boarded the private jet to LA with her, where she has just been nominated for best breakthrough artist at the Peoples Choice Awards.

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