Liam’s Brothers And His Entire Family “Really” Like Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus liam hemsworthDespite reports that Liam Hemsworth’s brothers and his family has persuaded him to break up with his fiancée Miley Cyrus, the story is far from being true.

Even though, the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer and Liam have seen a few bumps in their relationship, a source told that Liam is working on his relationship and his folks are supporting his 100%.

The source revealed that both of Liam’s brothers and their family like Miley very much and they won’t do anything to cut off Miley from Liam’s life, while terming reports that Liam’s family has forced him to end his relationship with Miley as completely false.

The source also said that the pair did have some problems, but they are working hard on it for the sake of their relationship.

The source continued that Liam are Miley are spending time together and are keeping themselves out of the media spotlight. They are not posing pictures together and posting things about their personal life on Twitter. Besides, the Hunger Games star always wanted Miley to be private about their relationship, and she’s trying her best to respect that.

Earlier, Liam and Miley, who got engaged, last June, have postponed their wedding to work out on their issues and for their best interests.

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