Miley Caught Smoking Bong-Dad Says Sorry

So, the world has finally learned what Miley did on her 18th birthday weekend bash. The Disney star was videotaped by her friend smoking out a bong! 

Let’s not call the police just yet, because according to sources, the bong contains natural herb known as salvia. It is also legal to smoke salvia, apparently. 

It didn’t stop our girl Miley from experiencing some side effects from the bong smoking though. Shortly after the first hit of said bong, Miley said to her friends that she feels a little bit high. This is in line with what experts said. Although it is considered legal, salvia does posses some psychedelic qualities. 

Upon hearing the news – well, it’s kind of hard not to since it’s all over the media – Miley’s dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, tweeted that Miley is beyond his control now. He also expressed his sadness over the bong incident and extended his apologies.

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