Miley Causes Controversy – Racy Pictures Leaked

It seems there’s not another day goes by that our favourite Disney star Miley Cyrus isn’t on the news for some controversy – either for smoking bong while being taped on video – or smooching whatever boy flavour of the week she has. Now the young singer is on the spotlight, yet again, for racy pictures of her and her friends that have made their way onto the Internet. 

The leaked pictures reveal Miley Cyrus and a female friend of hers pretending to lick Miley’s private parts – her chest region that is. While another photo has Miley Cyrus showing off her tattoo that’s located just below her breast. 

This is not the star’s first foray into taking controversial photographs. A hacker once broke into her computer and stole pictures of Miley in her undergarment and swimsuit. The star was also criticized for posing in suggestive manner for Vanity Fair magazine back in 2008 — donning only a sheet that’s wrapped around her breasts.

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  1. Ian

    Has Miley also became a dike? What a waste!

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