Miley Celebrates Birthday With Her Ex Liam Hemesworth

Is Miley trying to rekindle an old flame with her ex Liam Hemsworth? The two – accompanied by a group of friends – apparently were spotted spending the evening together at Matsuda restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. What’s the occasion? Why it’s the star’s 18th birthday bash.

According to a source, the group had a casual dinner there. Miley looked relax and there was a definite connection between the two once lovebirds. They dated for quite sometimes though, which may explain the special bond.

The pair slyly managed to avoid being photographed together, as Liam took the back door to exit the restaurant. All the while, Miley and her friend met the paparazzi’s outside to distract them.

 It can’t be concluded yet that the two are back together, since both were photographed making out with someone else earlier in the week. But we’ll keep you posted on Miley’s relationship status as soon as we hear more.

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