Miley Cyrus admits about her lactose intolerance

Miley Cyrus is intolerant to lactose.

On Wednesday she admitted that she’s suffering a stomach ache and obviously it is something she ate. With over 10 million of her Twitter followers listening to her every word, the Hannah Montana star is apparently lactose intolerant. She tweeted, “Worst tummy ache ever. No more lactose for me.”

The “Can’t Be Tamed” hit maker didn’t elaborate whether she had a milkshake or ate any cottage cheese, but whatever it sounds that those food items will be banned from her diet.

Miley Cyrus isn’t alone. More than 40 million Americans are intolerant to lactose which is they can’t digest milk and other dairy products.

We hope that Miley Cyrus can well soon and would love to hear about her progress regarding her new upcoming album.

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