Miley Cyrus Adopts a Puppy

Miley Cyrus has a soft spot, which was good for the dog that she found today. A dog was left at Walmart in a box. Miley said she does not understand how people can be so cruel to animals and was glad to take the dog under her wing. She has named the dog Happy. Miley was not sure what type of dog he is, but says she believes he is a beagle rottweiler mix.
Miley did not want to be away from Happy for too long, so she took him to the salon with her. He sat on her lap while she got her hair done and once she was done being pampered, they went shopping to several boutiques. The dog does not even look old enough to be away from his litter, yet you can tell his name fits him well as he sat with her, living the life of luxory.
Miley is a dog lover. In March, she bought her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, a dog named Ziggy for his birthday. She also has a Yorkie named Lila, and Floyd, an Alaskian Klee Kai. She has been known to take her dogs for walks after taking pilates classes.

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