Miley Cyrus Affair Officially Announced

Miley Cyrus wants ‘to stay with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in her new home. As the “Hanna Montana” star moves into her first property, she plans on staying with the young Australian Actor Liam. So now the affair has been officially announced after Miley’s invitation to Liam.

According to Britain’s Daily Star Sunday Miley’s parents are really watchful of their daughter’s stay with Liam Hemsworth. The young couple has been together since they met each other last year on the set of their new film ”The Last Song”.

Paper sources also say that Miley has been extremely happy as her parents agreed to let the young star have her own home and as she turns 18 later this year and moves into her USD 3.95million dream home in Los Angeles, she wants to be with her boyfriend. Although her mother Tish and country singer dad Billy Ray like Liam very much but they have serious concerns over his stay plans with their daughter.

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