Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Planning To Marry

American teen star Miley Cyrus’s romance with her American model boyfriend Liam Hemsworth is going stronger each day. There are even reports that they will be marrying anytime soon.

According to a report, the couple, who both starred in ‘The Last Song’, plans to tie the knot once the singer-actress turns 18 this year.Bill Ray Cyrus, Miley’s crooner dad, has even been told by Miley about their plans of marrying. His father is said to be thrilled and excited about it.

A source said that Billy Ray will be supporting her daughter when she turns at the age of 18. The source added that the dad thinks the Liam world and sees himself in Liam.The source said that the dad and Miley’s beau are both protective of Miley and have her best interests at heart.

The source further said that many people have thought that her dad didn’t like Liam for Miley which was really further from the truth and in fact, Billy Ray wanted Liam to get back with Miley as much as his daughter did.

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  1. Anglic Butterfly

    Lol, funny funny funny, I’ll believe it when I see it, bit Miley herself has said she was to young to marry but I’m happy for her;)

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