Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth to sign up for a prenup agreement before getting married

Apparently, Miley Cyrus and fiancé Liam Hemsworth have come on to a decision on signing a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding. The prenup will include finances and their dogs too.

The former Hannah Montana star has worked very hard to get everything she has and she’s obviously, not willing to sacrifice it all in case if her marriage is annulled, and that includes her dogs also.

We do wish that, Cyrus, 20, and Hemsworth, 22, will have a long and happy marriage, but they are both rich and mature to think about their wealth and what they can lose, if in case, their marriage is over. So, the twosome has planned to have a prenuptial agreement, before they can call themselves husband and wife.

According to reports, it’s assumed that the, “Party in The USA” singer is estimated to be worth approx. $130 million while, “The Hunger Games” star is worth around $20 million, and that’s a big difference.

The Life & Style Magazine quoted a source saying, “Miley is worth over $130 million and has no plans to lose her nest egg in case of divorce.”

Besides, Cyrus loves her dogs more than her life, and the singer is not taking any chances in losing them. So, the prenup also has details that specify which dogs she can keep if the couple says it’s quits. cited a source saying, “She has a half-dozen dogs that are her babies, she doesn’t want to lose them.”

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