Miley Cyrus another Leaked Song ‘See You in another Life’ on the Web

“See you in another Life” another unreleased song by Miley Cyrus currently leaked on the YouTube and internet reported to be her second leaked song after ‘Giving up’ couple of weeks ago. According to the source, the theme of the song relates to a girl’s over relationship. It tells us that Miley Cyrus is actively busy pushing her career to the pop star direction from little Disney Hannah Montana star.

‘See you in another life’ reported to be produced at least two years ago for Miley Cyrus album ‘Breakout’ but didn’t get the slot at the end. Looks like Miley Cyrus will continue to bring lots of drama and gossip in coming months. So check out this page regularly for latest Miley Cyrus gossip, video, pictures and many more.

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  1. OlaKoziel...@

    I reealy liked that Miley Im your biggest fan and is it true that you birthday is on the 23 november 1992 because mine is on the 23 november 1998 and sorry for the mistakes in the writing but Im from Poland so its a bit hard for me…:)

  2. ahhhhman

    i love you miley for real

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