Miley Cyrus Apps on iPad

Miley Cyrus fans would be happy to know that there are several Miley Cyrus iPad apps that are out there which is available for download to your iPad. Miley has garnered a large following since her Disney network show called “Hanna Montana.” Here are a few Miley apps. One of the more popular apps is the Miley Cyrus Facts app. If there is any and everything that you wanted to know about Miley you can find it on this particular app. It gives you informative information about the celebrity with just a simple search. This app costs $.99. Miley Cyrus Quizzle is another app that you would love, it is a free application that would give fans exclusive views of Miley’s photos, videos as well as live webcasts starring the singer and news information about her as well. This app also provides fans with fun information about Miley including her favorite flavor of ice cream or about how she got her first tattoo. If you think you know every episode of “Hannah Montana,” then test your knowledge on the Hannah Montano Trivia and Quiz app. This game would allow you to answer over 100 questions about the show while trying to beat the clock.


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