Miley Cyrus at Golden Globes Ceremony

As we reported earlier last week, Miley Cyrus was nominated for a Golden Globe Award this year, and we were all waiting to see what she’d be wearing on the night, and more importantly, who would accompany the young Hannah Montana starlet.

There were rumors that she would come to the award ceremony with actor, John Travolta, but that was unlikely due to the recent death of his 22 year old son. So who went with her, i hear you ask. Well that’s simple. Nobody.

The Hannah Montana star decided to arrive with her parents, Billy Ray and Leticia. Cyrus To be fair, i couldn’t care who she turned up with, just look at these photos. She looks amazing for a 16 year old!!

When Miley arrived, she told one reporter “I’m so excited, this has been a dream of mine forever…

Miley Cyrus at Golden Globe Awards

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