Miley Cyrus Becomes A Victim Of ‘Swatting’

Police officers in Los Angeles rushed to Miley Cyrus house when they received reports of a possible hostage situation on Wednesday night.

But when they reached there they found no one was in the house.

The Los Angeles police ruled out that, Miley became a victim of a prank know as ‘swatting’.
The police were heavily armed, dispatched a helicopter and surrounded the building only to find their efforts were futile.
Police said ABC that such kind of pranks is on the rise.

Swatting is a call made to the police anonymously to storm inside a building or a person’s house.

In California, such kind of false alarms to police is labeled as a crime and the person convicted of the crime may face up to a year in prison.

LAPD officials are now investigating the matter and finding out the person who made this call and will be prosecuted, if found.

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