Miley Cyrus Bids to Save Parents Marriage

Miley Cyrus, who just recently turned 18, apparently begged her country singer dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, not to divorce her mom. She’s been trying to get the couple back together, after her father filed for the divorce just last month. Miley, however, isn’t quite ready to give up the fight yet.

According to sources, Miley wanted her father to work harder to keep the family together. Despite the plea from her daughter, Billy Ray insisted that the marriage is beyond repair – and only can be settled through a divorce. “Our marriage isn’t fixable,” said Billy of her marriage with Tish.

The source added that Miley was then seen bursting into tears.

It seems Miley has not been taking the news well. She’s convinced that she’s the source of arguments between her parents and what lead them to the divorce decision. “She carries a lot of guilt,” said a concerned friend.

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