Miley Cyrus Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth Speaks Out (FINALLY)!!

OK so the rumours that Miley Cyrus was dating Liam Hemsworth which have been floating around for over six months now turned out to be true, as Miley and Liam made their relationship public by being romantic in-front of the cameras while away on holiday in Australia.

Ever since rumours began, Liam Hemsworth has remained tight lipped about his romance with the Hannah Montana star, but he finally broke his silence this weekend to talk about his relationship with Miley. Liam said he fell for the singer because she is “down to earth” despite being famous, and…… incredibly rich.

Liam Hemsworth is Miley’s love interest in the upcoming film The Last Song, and he has nothing but praise for his girlfriend. “From the first day I met her, she’s so easy to be around and to work with, she’s such a normal person,” Liam told Australia’s NW magazine.

She’s so down to earth, you can think a lot of things about what she’s going to be like and how she’s going to be like to work with and it was nothing but good things.

Liam then revealed what it was like working with Miley on The Last Song. “I turned up on set on the first day and I saw just how big a star she was,” he said. “One end of the beach was blocked off for photographers and the other end was blocked off for her fans. Then we did this scene and it was a fun one. We were running through the water and I had to pick her up and splash around.”

“The director, Julie Anne Robinson, yelled, ‘Kiss!’ and we got thrown into a kiss.” – And that marked the beginning of an off-screen relationship between the pair. I am personally really happy that Miley Cyrus is happy, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Liam Hemsworth is also attracted to how famous Miley is, and being with her could potentially leap-frog his career skyward.

Only time will tell if Liam sticks around with Miley, or whether he turns out to be another Justin Gaston, or dare I say it, Nick Jonas. Do you think Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are for keeps? Do they look genuine? Leave your comment below…

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12 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth Speaks Out (FINALLY)!!”

  1. Gabriella Welford

    I think it's genuine and I think people should let them be, if they are happy {like they seem to be} let them be happy. Good luck to them I say 🙂 I love you Miley!!!!!

  2. maily

    I think it's genuine and they are a good couple.

  3. shasha

    he is not after her fame and he did not mention anything about her being rich
    you need to read the article carefully.
    why is it everytime miley gets a man, everybody says he's using her
    but when selena gets one or demi everybody thinks it's good and cute.
    miam are geniune

  4. Andrew MacDonald

    I did not read the article carefully??? I wrote the damn thing!!

  5. Anglic Butterfly

    If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, only time will tell, I love Miley wish her nothing but the best. Every one have a good day where ever you are:)

  6. myka

    i think miley should slow down when it comes to falling in love.. she should enjoy her life as a teenager, she has a great life.. love will come on the right time…. RIGHT? 😛

  7. I completely agree with you myka.

  8. destiny

    im like miley’s number 1 fan . i love her soo much . nh . i think they will stay together . but if if something comes up then they have 2 work it out . only time will tell .

  9. Araina

    I think Miley and Liam will be togther forever because the way the look at eachother and when they kiss it sparks and they are really happy to be togther and they are perfect for eachother and they are a good couple

  10. LITTLE SWEETIES! 12163227

    MILEY & LIAM R 2GEVA 4 EVA!!! 😀 🙂 XXX

  11. jazlene

    Hahahaha u stupid ppl

  12. redstar

    It is cool how this all started you never know where love could be. she was lucky to have meet him at a move shoot.

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