Miley Cyrus Caught On Camera Trying To Get In Somebody Else’s Car

Hannah Montana sweetheart Miley Cyrus was filmed yesterday trying to get into somebody else’s car.

The 17-year-old actress/singer was on an early-morning outing in Los Angeles, where she was observed grabbing a coffee from The Coffee Bean, and heading to the salon to get her hair done. She also kindly stopped for photographs and autographs with fans. Miley Cyrus was also sporting a sexy see-through cobweb shirt, exposing her bra for all to see.

But it wasn’t until she was ready to drive home that she ran into difficulties. As the paparazzi hounded her for pictures, in the confusion of the moment, she was spotted trying to get into the wrong car. But to be fair, it was an honest mistake, made by a girl who had a very busy schedule for the day.

As she headed to what she thought was her car, she entered the key but the car remained locked. The car she was trying to  get into wasn’t actually hers, but was the exact same year, model and colour as her Toyota Prius. As she wondered why her key wasn’t working, the paps had to inform Miss Cyrus that her car was a little further up the road. They were screaming: “That’s not your car Miley! That’s not yours.

She finally made her way over to the correct car and went about her day. Checkout the video below, which captured all of Miley’s antics.

Miley Cyrus Enters Wrong Car

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