Miley Cyrus Clothing Line Available NOW

Miley Cyrus Clothing LineToday we happy to announce that the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria clothing line is now available in all Wal-Mart stores across America.

The Hannah Montana cutie teamed up with renowned fashion designer Max Azria to deliver an affordable yet fashionable clothing line which will appeal to juniors and teenagers.

The clothing line consists of a good range of items including:

  • Plaid Button Downs,
  • High Waisted Shorts
  • Cheetah-Print Leggings
  • Hooded Cardigans
  • UK-Inspired TShirts
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Zebra & Leopard Print Flats & Converse-Style Sneakers
  • Along with many many more.

All items cost less than $20 USD, making these very affordable and in range of most teenagers. Earlier this month, Miley Cyrus spoke to Elle Magazine about her Miley Cyrus Clothing Line. “I would pay $500 for the jeans that we make for only $20. I’m really into high fashion,” She told them.

Miley Cyrus has acknowledged that some of her inspiration came from the United Kingdom’s styles and fashions. Her collection also includes a Union Jack t-shirt, and a red phone box t-shirt.

Miley Cyrus Clothing Line

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48 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Clothing Line Available NOW”

  1. dolores

    i am looking for the leopard sneaker that was sold at walmary i need more i love them canu please help me

  2. chanel

    im lookin for the hi waist shorts with braces on miley cyrus and maxs clothes line they were on ther the other day and now they are not on there i am also lookin for the union jack top on the same website plz help thanx xx

  3. .:selenamia:.

    She really knows how to fashion up! :)?

  4. .:selenamia:.

    She really knows how to fashion up! :)?

  5. Bev

    Anyone know how and where we can purchase Miley's fashions in uk please?

  6. sarah

    ye does anyone know where i can buy miley clothes!!
    cause she is my fashion icon!!

  7. anna

    miley is my style icon and my idol if anyone finds out where you can buy her clothes in the uk will plz tell me x

  8. amy

    mileyworld have released info that mileys clothing line is coming out round about june time and i think it might be in Asda because walmart own Asdas 😀 i cant wait, ill find out more if i can 🙂

  9. jessica


  10. Jodie Miley Fan <3

    i cant find anywhere to but miley cyrus clothes :(:(:(:(

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  12. pollup

    Miley er sååå beest!!
    Hun er kuul og pen!!
    HUn synger sååå bra!!

    I am Miley`s #1 fan!!

  13. Marisa

    WAL-MART Folks, I just bought three outfits on the clearance rack. everything was $3-5 dollars

  14. becky

    i love miley cyruses clothes they r wicked i love them wooooo !!!! 🙂 <3

  15. Gabby

    you can find the miley cyrus clothing line in walmart. hope i helped!!!!

  16. michele

    i like mileys clothes its just they look to sluty but i bett on yall it wont look so bad :p

  17. alicia mcneil

    I love miley cyrus. i am her no1 fan. i also looovvve her clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. olivia

    I love miley she is my romodle

  19. molly

    i dont think that her clothes are amazing her hair is awesome and so is her voice !!! by the way i have her on msn xx

  20. cheryl

    i know i agree

  21. anoushka

    mileys clothes are the best but its not fare i can’t find them .

  22. anoushka

    im her super no1 fan im colecting postersxD

  23. themonkeycove

    You can buy Miley Cyrus clothes in the UK by visiting The Monkey Cove’s shop on ebay:

  24. themonkeycove

    You can buy her clothes in the UK. They are on ebay at:

  25. diva104

    omg! miley cyrus has like the bst stuff ever duh????????
    I am like so obsessed with her stuff just one request or question where are the purses com’on miley u’v got to have them? “can’t getenough of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  26. Chloe sanber

    i .love mileys clothing linee… 🙂 it is amazing !! i look gawjuss in the Hat and dress.. and im pretty sure all of you will to.. it may not exzit if not saty on walmart

  27. themonkeycove

    Yes- you can buy them in my shop! or go to:

  28. themonkeycove

    If anyone is looking for Miley Cyrus clothes in the UK- you can buy them from The Monkey Cove. It’s the only shop in the UK that sells them!

  29. tina

    you can buy her stuff at walmart & they have alot of her clothes there & at resonable prices.

  30. tina

    walmart has them

  31. FrancMan

    hi, I’ve just seen that George now has a Miley Cyrus Clothes range in the UK!

  32. Katherine

    I am looking for the shirt that miley was wearing on a poster in the twist magazine. please let me know where to find it.

  33. humaira

    hey…where can i find miley clothing at uk??can u guys give me adress or something….

  34. nick jonas

    i love you
    your clothing line was just awesome
    we can hang around sometime

  35. nick jonas

    love you too

  36. nick jonas

    hate you

  37. Siobhan

    Hi in Hannah Montana I saw Miley Wering a Coatigan it was white with different colours on please help me find it!!!!

  38. rebekah

    miley cyrus i love you your clothes your fashion and your music i have got all your CD’s and about 12 hannah montana CD’s i also love you because your are pretty and i love you so much.

  39. DaBooty

    heey i love this clothing line yay

  40. Brooklyn

    I am at school and i am wearing a hole outfit! I love these clothes!

  41. danalorraine

    Just thought id let you know your line blows. I tried on a pair of 15s…they were slightly too small…so I got 17s…little did I know and this is new to me….I wasn’t aware a flippflippiwould be 2xs smaller. Thanks for not knowing how to make sizes.

  42. harry

    I love any thing about her specially her clothes after her face

  43. delisa allen

    looking for xra-large white Miley Cyrus wife beaters were previously available at Wal-Mart. Handy undershirts really would life to purchase some more

  44. Noémie


    does any one know where I can find her clothes in europe ?
    thanks for the answers ^^

  45. kathleen

    can u send stuff to Ireland

  46. kathleen

    can u send stuff to Ireland please

  47. melissa


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