7 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Clothing Line| Miley Cyrus Style 01”

  1. Hannah oxton

    ….i have that its well sikk mannn i love.. i wear it ever daay maannn inihhh hahah also 🙂 i do wash itt ofcourse i hace bough twoo yaay … plz visit this site if wanting the samee as Miley Cyrus <<< page might not exzit but please visity ..tips and clthing lineesss 😀

  2. Aliyah Khan

    ^^^^ errrr no Hannah what the you stupid there are no tips on that page u shud get a dictionary .lol 🙂 hahahaha jkzz….. so wen u weraing that to scool ??? x on non-unio.. 😛

  3. Haylie Jones

    Wooow …. i like this outfitt i wannt it ….. Hannah Oxton i did go on the website it was good fank you : ) ..Those Clothes make miley look Englandish .. hahah 🙂

  4. Hannah Oxton

    hahaha…….awwwwww fank youuu…. 🙂 lol and yh they do make her look like shes from england 😉 and Aliyah im weraing them on the last day off scool !!!! 😉

  5. Elyse

    ARG I totally want it but i live in canda DaNg FlAbBiT

  6. diellza

    i adore these clothes i realey want to have that outfit whit uk flag on it but here in sweden do they dont have these clothsD:D:D:D:D:(:(:(:(

  7. mikkie

    u kan go to ebay to buy it 🙂

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