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2 Thoughts to “Poll: Do You Want Miley Back on Twitter?”

  1. Lori

    I would love to see Miley back on Twitter. She was so happy last month when she made it to 2,000,000 followers, she was like I made it yaaaaaayyyyy! She talks about the bloggers and them making her private life public, well then she shouldn't tweet about everything. There are things that need to be private, but she puts all of that out there. I went into Selena Gomez' twitter last night and was looking over the last few days. In one day she only tweeted about 4 times, Miley tweeted about 15 x's in a day. That makes a difference. Come back Miley, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just don't tweet about everything, keep your private life private.

  2. juwell

    i dont give a damn about miley cyrus this is a elevin year old speaking that bitch is eight teen she dosent think that us kids see that if she waz gone do that shit then she shouldve quite a long time ago smokin a bomb she just need to say ggod bye to her fans because a bitch like that dont need no fans i am so fukin disapointed in her i looked up to her she waz my idul but then im flippin threw the channels trien to go to disney channel so i can see if hannah montana is on and i see u im thinkin u on the news for doin something good or they just pikin on u but u on there smikin a bomb do she know how that makes me feel it hurts i had pictures on my laptop of her she wa my screen saver i had pictures of her on my wall i had pictures of her in my folder and then before that WHAT THE FUCK is i cant be tamed did she think we wasnt going t see that bitch i saw it you are breakin little kids hearts you lost thousands of fans includen me that shit aint coo but you know what i shou;dnt care because im not a fan anymore ps. bitch i fought for you peple waz talkin about u and what i did waz step up and fight for you but that dont matter anymore bitch azz miley thats your new name from me BITCH

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