Miley Cyrus Delete’s Her Twitter Account for Boyfriend

Miley Cyrus Deletes Twitter AccountThis story shocked me big time to be honest with you. It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus is a HUGE Twitter fan, and posts many Tweets per day, informing her fans about what she’s up to, and it also gives us celebrity bloggers gossip straight from the horses mouth, so-to-speak.

So when she deleted her Twitter account today, i was surprised, to say the very least. The Hannah Montana darling was reportedly asked by her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth to DELETE her Twitter account.

I didnt believe this story at first, until i headed to what was Miley’s twitter username, and it cannot be opened, giving an error message which reads “Sorry, the page doesn’t exist“.

Before the account was deleted, Miley’s last tweet said: “FYI Liam doesn’t have a twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.

So it’s looking like Liam put some pressure on Miley to delete her Twitter account, but what we want to know is WHY he asked her to delete her account, and what she meant by “with good reason.

We are still waiting for official statements from Miley Cyrus or her publicist on the matter, and will bring you updates as we receive them.

Liam Hemsworth also hasn’t commented on the matter yet!

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2 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Delete’s Her Twitter Account for Boyfriend”

  1. Ryan

    Yeah, i think he did ask her to delete it, but i don’t think he forced her into it. I understand entirely why he would want it. Alot of people used what Miley said on Twitter to Assume things about her personal life. Any lad with a girlfriend out there will tell you that they will do everything possible to protect their girlfriend. And i know that i wouldn’t want people reading what my girlfriend says on twitter then broadcasting it on the internet to the rest of the world.

  2. Rishy

    *gasp* omg! she deleted her twitter account? *goes into hyperventilation*
    Who cares.

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