Miley Cyrus describes her new single’s genre to be a mix of “hip hop beats” and “twang”…

Miley Cyrus has talked about her upcoming single, but we are not fully sure how it’s going to sound like.

Apparently, the former Hannah Montana star used jargons that ranged from, “twang” to hip hop”, so we concluded that it’s going to sound like a Jay-Z or Sheryl Crow mix-up, but that’s not what the 20-year-old had on her mind.

MSN Entertainment asked Miley about her new single, and it seems like she herself doesn’t know how it going to be like too.

“The genre is something that I think is something really new and something that hasn’t really been done right now,” she said. “It’s a mixture of just what I’ve just grown up doing and the way that my vocal style is anyways which is a little bit of like a twang on top of hip hop beats.”

The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer has been working with music producer like Pharrell Williams, and we can be sure that her new record will be far away from her days at Disney; however, the album won’t be losing her trademark country sound entirely.

Miley explained, “It’s been really fun just creating this new style with all the people that inspire me and making a hybrid of all my favorite styles, not really sticking to one genre, we’re not really sure what the single’s gonna be yet.”

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