Miley Cyrus Discloses Her Hidden Interests…Guess What??

Miley Cyrus speaking to a popular Norwegian magazine, TOPP reveals some of her hidden interests. “Studying photography in London is something I could’ve done,” she says. Keeping into account of her excessive photo sessions, it is quite obvious that Miley would definitely have some interest in photography. But it’s not the end of the surprise, just hold on and you will know about Miley’s dream job.

In her interview with the magazine, Miley also exposed that she will surely be involved in marriage planning’s if she is not a superstar today.“That’s really my dream job,” she says. “But I couldn’t have made it, since I never wear a watch.”This is amazing. Can you believe that Miley is going to enhance her listening abilities in spite of her great singing power like Jennifer Lopez did in The Wedding Planner? If Miley is confused about her singing and acting career than she would surely consult bridezilla!  Something that will surely give a perfect answer to her confusions.

Anyhow if these gossips about Miley and Liam Hemsworth about their upcoming marriage are true than Miley might not have any confusion at all about her own wedding.

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