Miley Cyrus Does “Two and a Half Men”

Finally, Miley Cyrus has started filming for CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men” where she will be appearing for two episodes as we said earlier.

The shooting of the first episode was kind of cheesy. The former “Hannah Montana” star is engaged with Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth and Ashton Kutcher is currently dating Mila Kunis, so what’s Miley’s deal in bed with Kutcher?

Well, it’s comedy here, no drama. Cyrus is on the set of “Two and a Half Men” where she is playing the Missi character, the daughter of Walden Schmidt’s (Kutcher) friend who stopped at his house and starts making Walden feel old. Despite sharing the bed with him, Cyrus really plays Jake’s (Angus T, Jones) love interest. But looking at it, it feels like she is cooking up some trouble for the whole clan.
Meanwhile, Jon Cryer, who won this year’s Emmy plays Jake’s dad while Jake has taken a leave from the Army.

Miley’s first episode is slated to be aired on October 17.

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