Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Get Stressed Apparently

Miley Cyrus has a lot of pressure on her 17-year-old shoulders. The star is incredibly busy all the time, with tours which will gross an estimated $120 million dollars, movie’s coming out of her ears, and the general day-to-day pressures of being a pop star.

But the young star tries her best not to let things get on top of her. The Hannah Montana babe was born with a heart condition, which is not dangerous, but means she has to avoid stress. “What I do if I am in a stressful situation is step away and imagine I have been transported to a time ten years from now,” she said.

She continued: “Then I imagine if what I’m getting stressed about is really going to make a difference to where I hope to be then. It rarely does. It’s a handy little trick that keeps me chilled.

Miley Cyrus also revealed that she loves visiting small towns when she is away from her home, where she can mix with a small bunch of people her own age, without the fear of getting hounded by fans.

I really like traveling a lot so when I know it’s going to be a travel day and I’m going to a new place, I really like that,” she said. “I love doing a show then having a day off and then having another show because then I meet people. I’ll see chicks come to me that are my age, and I’ll be like, ‘What’s actually cool?’ instead of asking somebody at my hotel that’s like 50 what they think is cool!”

Miley Continued: “I wanna know what someone my age is actually going to think is cool and where they hang out. So we try and find the smallest and quaintest little parts of the town so we can hang out and have a nice time. I see my face on everything. The other day, I saw someone walk by me and they had my book, and a backpack and a shirt on. And they had no idea I walked by them.”

Well done on your ability to remain calm Miley. I’m not sure I could do it if i had all the pressure you had to deal with.

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