Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Want to be a “Idol” to Fans

Miley Cyrus Not an IdolI don’t know what you guys think, but in my opinion, Miley Cyrus is definitely going through that same rebellious phase that Britney Spears went through at 16 years old.

Cyrus today said that she doesn’t mind being a role model right now, but she does NOT like being referred to as an ‘idol’.

She said: “If you look at me as a role model I agree with it. If you look at me as an idol, I don’t agree. An idol for me is someone that you want to replicate. You want to be them. I don’t wish that on anyone, to lose what they have personally, because that’s when your spark goes.

And it seems that Miley Cyrus ‘fans’ are starting to turn against the young Hannah Montana star aswell, as she was voted ‘Worst Celebrity Influence‘ just last week.

At just 16 years of age, Miley has already been the center of a lot of controversy. Earlier this year, she caused a stir over the alleged ‘Miley Cyrus Pole Dancing‘ at the Teen Choice Awards. Miley was also BANNED from China earlier this year after the ‘Miley Cyrus is Racist‘ incident.

How do you see Miley Cyrus? Is she a good role model? Does anybody describe Miley Cyrus as their idol? Leave us a comment below…

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9 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Want to be a “Idol” to Fans”

  1. nadia

    Miley Cyrus is an AWESOME role model!
    and shes not loosing me

  2. @JCF22Lyoko

    yeah i agree with nadia

  3. Holly

    Yeah me too!!! She rocks

  4. Slekwati

    She IS an idol – she has no choice in the matter. Not my idol, of course. While I don’t like Cyrus, she’s done well for herself. She just needs to make sure she keeps herself in line with her celebrity status and everyone watching her. I know she’s just human being – and the same age as me – but if she decided to become this celebrity, she has to take the duty. With great power comes great responsibility.

  5. jessicapop123

    wake upi people miley cyrus is a terrable role modle and a horrable idol.i hate her now. she was banned from china, shen got votted worst inflewance ever, she posted some pictures were she almost got naked and must i even go on! i would want her to go back to tennesse and be banned from ever becoming famous again.she desters that perod!




    think about your fans and what are you thinking


    what are you thinking i can’t belive miley did that in front of her fans i am so mad at her shoking she is making the biggest mastike in her life i can not belive her and she whant to be an idol no more WOW IAM AM SO SAD KNOW:(

  9. Hannah

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